Cyprus, the charming island of the Mediterranean, seduced and inspired generations of travellers. The place where the goddess Aphrodite was born, this land is a refined mixture of Ottoman, Greek, Persian, British and Russian influences, which contributed to the fascinating history and culture of Cyprus. Here are the most important tourist attractions in Cyprus.

Filming conditions – You have the permission to film in the public markets and places and in any location in the country. Cypriots are very friendly, they come to personal discussions very quickly. Western cooling and conventionalism does not exist in this country. If you start telling them about family and children, they will be interested and will do the same. When a Cypriot will meet a family member, it is a sign of respect and closeness.

Scouting – The most popular city in Cyprus, Larnaca is also the main tourist resort on the island. The relaxing atmosphere is the main reason why Larnaca is so popular with foreign tourists, as well as the impeccable service and the wonderful beach. But if you want to discover the local charm then you have to explore the ancient Turkish quarter called Skala and discover the gorgeous Agios Lazaros church. In the west of the city you can visit a salt-water lake where the spring of the century makes a lot of sympathetic flamingo birds.

Fixing in Cyprus – The Tombs of the Kings near Paphos are actually a huge necropolis dating from the 4th century BC. The tombs were carved in stone and decorated with Doric columns. Despite the name, there is no evidence that any member of the royal family is buried in this place. Instead, the necropolis was the place for the aristocrats of the old Ptolemaic. These tombs are unique in Cyprus, being influenced by Egyptian tradition when it was believed that tombs should resemble a house.

One of the most beautiful ruins of the castles of the Mediterranean Sea, St. Ilarion is a bastion of old crusaders around which a lot of legends and myths are woven. The giant labyrinth of halls and rooms winds up on the mountain and is a true paradise for history enthusiasts. Those who manage to climb to the top will be rewarded with incredible panoramas over a good piece of the island.

The most popular in Cyprus, Nissi Beach is in Ayia Napa and is famous for its vibrant nightlife. The young people crawl on the fine white sand to enjoy delicious cocktails while a DJ keeps the atmosphere day and night. Not very deep and clean water makes Nissi Beach the ideal place to swim, while sports enthusiasts can venture windsurfing and paragliding. The name of the beach comes from a small uninhabited island, not far from the coast, which can be visited on foot through shallow water.

Located in the Troodos Mountains near Nicosia, Omodos Village is the most popular destination for wine lovers. Here you have the chance to indulge in the most varied varieties of local wines such as Mavro and Xynisteri, while the restaurants offer traditional Cypriot menus. The Omodos Monastery dating from the seventeenth century hosts several museums, including one with icons.